About us

From Taiwan Taipei, the cohesion of decades of production and sales experience, now the mainland with factories and offices in Taiwan and China, the company's existing professional R&D and production of fabrics, accessories and handbags luggage factory in mainland China Guangdong, Taiwan set up R&D center and export Trading company, set R&D design and trade exports in one, and uhold the supremacy of quality, customer priorities, the concept of sustainable development, continuous fine, building a global presence. 

Why choose HSU?

More than 30 years of professional production experience in OEM
Focus on research and development and quality
The consistent production from the material & luggage accessories, finished product processing
International design and production team services

Fast sampling
Low volume customization
OEM & ODM services

Price and quality advantages
Taiwan design and R & D
Professional manufacturing production line

Hong Kong International Exhibition Highlights

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